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BNBEEZ > About us

About us

While sharing economy becomes a real alternative in all areas, we have asked ourselves a question: “How to travel cheaper and better?”

We have all dreamed of traveling and being hosted without spending a single penny, that is why we created the Bnbeez platform.  


We have chosen this name for its international dimension, it is simply the contraction of

BNB which means Bed & Breakfast like the Anglo-Saxon hotel formula

And Beez for Bees.  

We chose the bee for spokesperson because it travels from flower to flower while collecting and leaving pollen, indispensable action for life.


The process is comparable for our users: they travel or host, and deposit or gather knowledge around the world in user-friendliness and mutual assistance.    




The Bnbeez team    




As a painter and webmaster, she is the person behind the Bnbeez idea. She has traveled many times thanks to sharing economy, and had the idea to create her own platform to put exchange and sharing within everyone’s reach. Want to contact her? This is where it happens: contact (at)  


Engineer manager for 10 years, he also carries the project “Le Ptit Roger” for the revitalization of rural areas. To contact him : contact (at)  


Student, she shares the Bnbeez experience by bringing her knowledge in communication, marketing, and community management. Want to contact her? This is where you can : contact (at)